Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The First Post On My Blog Begins With Two Words...

This sucks.
One of my best friends is leaving school and I just realized how terrible this is. School is simply never going to be the same without Meghana Kuppa.

I've known you for eight years! We've been best friends for atleast five! 

I'm gonna crazy-miss you, hon! The "highly intelligent" PJs; the we-are-seriously-gonna-do-math outbursts; the hundreds of visits to the G-Room even though it pisses me off; spending as much time as possible in the Music-room- TheMuchLovedPlace; the Notes! The thousands of notes we pass in class!; scream-talking to each other from the first bench to the last; "deep-stuff" talk; making Lists ;) ; snickering away endlessly on the floor of Economics class; fantasizing about  becoming famous Youtube-ers but never really got around to it - TheMeghzieAndGrazmuShow! ; also wanting to create a band, which also we never got around to doing! :P; our other crazy fantasies ; discussing movies and Tv shows.! ; bitching about people bitching about bitches on 90210. :P; when we're BOTH high! Maaaaan!; the trying-to-harmonize-randomly--and-always-ending-up-in-an-awkward-moment-cos-someone-walked-in-the-door; And so much more!

And this Summer!? I think I've seen you only twice! I'm so sorry our plans didn't work out! We were supposed to do so much this Summer- become guitar pros, compose and record music and do covers! Three months! Gone just like that - Poof! And then it begins again! And now I won't even see you in school! Who's gonna be our Music Captain!? Who am I gonna phone-study with!? Who am I gonna do all ^^T^H^O^S^E^^ things with!? HUH!?  It's simply not fair! I know it's not your fault or mine. It's just.. Sigh. I guess this time would've come sooner or later anyway.. If not now, then two years later..

Well, as they say- Life's a Bitch.

Aluya! And I'm gonna miss you so so so sooo much! :'(   <3


  1. TheMeghzieAndGrazmuShow!


  2. Holy cow! Shivaniiiiiii! What's up :D

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  4. You're such a comment deleter, Shivani. :P